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About Stand-up Motion

Want a little help getting around? NEED some help getting around? Just want to “cruze” around town in style, at eye-level with those walking around you?

The Personal Cruzer™ from Stand-Up Motion is just what you’re looking for! This safe, stable and affordable Personal Transportation Vehicle is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to give their feet a rest, while moving about in a standing or seated position. Unlike the Segway personal transporter, the Personal Cruzer™ is a battery powered, 4-wheel, stand-up electric vehicle that puts safe personal transportation within affordable reach of virtually anyone who can stand up or sit up unassisted or with minimal support, regardless of age, size or physical abilities.

No longer are mobility challenged individuals limited to moving about in a seated position on a power wheelchair or mobility scooter, looking up at the world from the height of a child. Seniors, patients recuperating from injuries or surgery, and young people with musculoskeletal impairments are just some of the people who can now enjoy the dignity, social and physical benefits of moving about in an upright position, at eye-to-eye level with the world.

Moving about safely and quietly at a leisurely walking pace, the Personal Cruzer is also an ideal People Mover for mall cops, museum and theme park guests, warehouse workers, campus and airport security personnel, trade show and exposition attendees, and much more.